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Next Level Poker - Brisbane North
Next Level Poker - Brisbane NorthSunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 2:43pm

Sunday poker at it's best Redcliffe Golf club 2:00 rego...

Shaz Petersen Sylvia Edwards and Greg Bergin please


Next Level Events



Player's name Points
Sylvia Edwards 56
Barry Evens 53
Michelle Mckenzie 51
Donna Richardson 46
Maureen Young 42
Jacob White 41
Ken Petersen 40
Gavin (manly) 40
Sharon Petersen 38
Daniel Leonard 36
Fonzie 30
Kieren Jordan 27
Fadi Eid 27
Richard Martin 26
Blake Marshall 24
Mariah Schwartz-Stone 23
Colleen Holloway 21
Noel Cameron 21
Mathew Mcgibbon 18
Ita Taele 16
Fluer 16
chris gallagher 16
Greg Burgan 15
Dean Williams 13
Graham (Stiffy) Hardstaff 13
Jenifer Rolsen 12
John franks 12
Jr Tauvao 12
Jr teale 12
May Knights 11
Troy Bagnall 11
Kerri Schackow 10
Tim Jackman 10
Peter Holloway 10
Luke Kennedy 9
Pasolo Faavevela 9
Patrica West 9
Brad Husband 9
Tolcys McCormic 9
Shanon Parangi (Shagga) 8
Nyleta Cunningham 8
Brad Ward 8
Rohan Cuffe 7
donna woodham 7
Kevin Forrest 7
kyle Bra 7
Frances Nicoll 6
Terrance (terry) Taylor 6
Joel Hall 6
Mike Isaia 6
Jens Antonsen 6
Peter Campbell 6
Barry Malcom 5
George Southall 5
Chris kelly 5
micheal thorgood 5
Scott Schackow 4
ben Jane 4
Corey Birch 4
Kylie Morton 4
jessie kelly 4
John Knights 3
Rhyse Williams 3
Gavin Warner 3
jeremy tomkinson 3
Thomas Watanabe 2
Barry mclean 2
jason walker 2
Terry Francis 1
Lee (pom) 1
Jeremy Grey 1
Michael Zitka 1

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Congratulations to our new champion Donna Richardson.
just like any swingy game of poker Donna was up and down through the season but was a consistent final table finisher upon most events held.
with the last month of our 3 month series she really stepped up a gear or two playing her way to the championship finish that she was so desperate to have and her appearances showed she wanted the title. Donna had the likes of Troy Bagnall hot on her heals who was taking back to back jackpots and 6 strait wins in month 2 of the season but the consistency and determination of Donna Richardson paid off as she patiently waited for her right moments.
great season Donna from us to you at Next level poker.


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Monthly Jackpots.

These are accumulated over the first 3 weeks of the month culminating in a larger prize pool for the final game of the month. If a Free Roller (Free to enter player) makes the top 3 placings in a game, and is not part of the VIP, the remaining money contributes to the Monthly Jackpot Tournament.

VIP Entry Vouchers won in previous games are not accepted for Jackpot Tournaments.

Royal Flush / Straight Flush Pool

Every single Next Level Poker event has $350 cash available as a prize pool. Conditions apply, see below for rules.

Prizes: Royal Flush : $350! Straight Flush : $50!

Royal Flush Comp Rules
1. Hand must go to showdown.
2. The $350 is a pool for that event. If a Straight Flush is won, then the prize pool is reduced to $300 and so on.
3. If a Royal Flush beats a Straight flush in the same hand, we pay both parities. i.e. The Straight Flush receives $50 and the Royal $300.
4. If the dealer deals a Royal Flush on the table, they will receive $50, but not the players, only the dealer.